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Wankatorium: USA triple 3" CD-R $5 (or single 5" CD-R $3)

  • 28086 and the Goat-Boy summon the spirit of Greg Ginn on this wankatoritastic, excessive, ridiculous album.
  • But for those who would dismiss this album as soon as they read "excessive, ridiculous": This album actually RULES.
  • Overmodulated TR-606 drum action, nerd-cosmische-prog, genuine guitar solos, little amplifiers blowing up, contradictions at every turn, the wearing of sweatpants, grimace-guitar-faces: it's a sound as big and as hard to nail down as the USA.

  • The triple-3" version is there for the true completist and features "bonus tracks" which have been excised from the less sprawling 5" version. Your choice.
  • "It sounds pretty good, really"--J. Lunsford
  • NEW! Download the entire 5" version, which is really the stronger version, as one zip archive: Wankatorium: USA

5" version ($3 domestic/$4 international):
Triple 3" version ($5 USA/$6 international)
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