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New Celesteville albums! Soft Rock Is Forever is the noisesploitation record that I recorded in three or so hours prior to the Gang Wizard European tour. It is 100% Califone Cardmaster except for a couple vocal tracks. And if you haven't heard Transcriptionists, then it's time to head over and download that as well.
Celesteville's Kohoutek now available for download! Sad grad school sounds, pretty wildly "experimental" at points but there are songs in there among all the trouble. Download it! Note Feb. 19, 2007: download link is now fixed.
New Speechless Brothers album! Aaron and I were wondering what to do now that Amy (aka the other 1/3 of Yuma Nora) is in Boise, so we made a band and made an album of fire songs. Order it or download it, either way!
Speechless Brothers on KPSU! If the Speechless Brothers album whets your appetite, check out these recordings we did on KPSU on 3/31/06. Some will probably make their way to an album at some point, but you can download them now. I cut out the talky parts, but those of you who want the real live radio experience may download the entire show here.
Download a Celesteville split tape! Morc Records of Belgium put out a Celesteville side on their "Soup Vs. Potatoes" series--and now it is available for free download! For those of you who can't get enough of Sing Like Birds, may we recommend "We Are Invisible" and "Your Gold Record Will...", recorded with the amazing luv(sic).
Lots of new downloads! If you haven't checked out the catalog in a while, you might want to, since nearly every Tape Mtn. release is now available for free download. New downloads include the Minor Thirds' Saskatchewan among many others.
Download the Lobstora album Beneath the Stone! Since we're on the 1995-6 Tualatin Sound kick, we thought it would be good fun to put this ludicrous and noisy chestnut up on the site for free download. Fuzz-bass and buckets and SK-1 throttling all in the service of three cover songs: Pearl Jam's "Daughter" (!), Goat-Boy's "Aftermath" (!!) and Small 23's "Noodles" (!!!) Can you resist? Put it on the statue's finger NOW!
Download the Yak Brigade album Twerp for free! This album was recorded in 1995 between college and grad school and it was the noisiest Yak Brigade album ever. Tualatin Sound Now! (If you are using Mozilla Firefox, may we recommend DownThemAll; it will allow you to download the whole thing in one swoop. A godsend.
Tape Mtn. Employment Contest! I've been underemployed for like three years and I want a job that pays the bills and gets my teeth cleaned. Do you know of any jobs in the Portland area (pref. bikable/busable from my house and w/ decent benefits?) Email me! The lucky winner who finds me the dream job gets EVERYTHING on Tape Mountain. In a fancy box, no less! Consolation prizes are available for decent leads. My resume is here--please pass it along.
New address! We are now sort of out in the boonies. 13917 SE Harold St, Portland, OR 97236.
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