Tape Mtn. Menu Tape Mountain updated January 3, 2015
SCRIPTS: New Spirit Duplicator album now available for download here at good old Tape Mountain. Tapes also available - email me for details
JAN-FEB 2015 PORTLAND WORLD TOUR: Please come see me play:
JAN 3: The Waypost: Spirit Duplicator / Dr. Something tape release party! I release Scripts and play bass for the release of Dr. Something's excellent Puppies are Nature's Rainbows.
JAN 30: All I Feel Is Yes plays at the Blue Room at Cartlandia.
JAN 31: Jennifer Robin and I play a duo set in Ross Beach's living room at Ross's semiannual party.
FEB 14: Activity Universal plays at the Blue Room at Cartlandia. Jennifer Robin and others will also do things.
CORRIDOR FOREVER: I've got a new album and it's available for actual mail-order purchase on actual cassette format with digital download through the lovely Unread Records. Cheapskates and skeptics can listen without charge on the relevant Bandkamp page.
SPIRIT DUPLICATOR COMPLETES ANOTHER TRILOGY: For those of you longing for the halcyon days when I'd make three or four albums in a year and these albums followed some sort of obsessive pattern: I present to you the nearly-finished trilogy that is: Eternal Youth and Obscurity, White Fire of Eternity (completed, website coming soon), and Corridor Forever (AVAILABLE NOW on the legendary Unread Records.) All recorded in late 2012 and 2013. I'll go for a fourth album this year because I am crazy.
New Spirit Duplicator albums available! You can download or stream them for free via Internet Archive.
New Activity Universal Associates albums available! Also available via Internet Archive. I would be deeply honored if you listened to these while washing dishes. Third album available at some point soon; I'm happy to report that it may be the best dishwashing-background-music album I've ever produced.
So much for CDRs! It was a pretty amazing technology back in 2000 but it's a decade later and nobody likes them. So please don't click on the "buy" tabs; instead, please download. I thank you in advance.
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