C. McAlister

C. McAlister I'll See You In Hell CD-R $3

  • 71 minutes of new banjo strum howl and clatter material from Charleston, SC's living legend.  Includes great hits like "Shag Dancing Is Cool", "Broke & Rollin", "Have a Manwich", and 33 more.  Endlessly listenable, especially within the context of his 5 trillion other tapes, which may I point out are still great even after a million listens.  Includes pictures of Mr. McAlister naked as a jaybird for added entertainment value.  We are very excited about this one.
  • MP3's available: Shag Dancing Is Cool * Creeping Thief * The Fucking End
  • New: Download the entire album! You will need some sort of .zip decoding program, and a fast connection wouldn't hurt. (~83 megs)
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