image coming soon Gang Wizard/D. Yellow Swans: live in the men's and women's bathrooms, the Placebo, Arcata, CA 3" CD-R $3

  • When life hands you a mysterious night in a punk rock venue by the ocean, what do you do? You play acoustic sets in the men's and women's restrooms!
  • Gang Wizard (on this recording) is Brian, Jake and Rob, in the men's restroom, howling something about lobsters and BMX bikers, with banjo and water sounds, plus thunder-lavatoric drums; it is ludicrous in the same way that the universe is ludicrous.
  • D. Yellow Swans is Gabe and Pete, in the women's restroom, throat-singing and setting off burglar alarms, their stun-wave electrosound desiccated and situated among water and echoey tiles; it has its own logic in the way that the universe has its own logic.
  • Mysterious formica-and-mimeograph packaging, may or may not contain toilet paper depending on my mood the day the order goes out.
  • New: Download the entire album! You will need some sort of .zip decoding program, and a fast connection wouldn't hurt. (~26 megs)
  • A co-release with Deathbomb Arc and (Collective) Jyrk.

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