Ned Raggett: Ned Raggett Reads the Almanac CD-R $3

  • The legend, the voice, the presence, the knowledge: It is Ned and Ned is reading the almanac!
  • Thrill to data: rodeo, Laos, twilight, cookies: you will be edified!
  • The spoken-word album of the year! Genuinely hypnotic, genuinely intriguing. Do not listen while driving.

  • Great (mimeographed) liner notes by Charlotte Wells of the Minor Thirds!
  • If you're wondering: "is this a joke?" It is not a joke. Well, it kind of started as a joke but now it is fantastic reality! Pull the Paypal trigger now!
  • New: Download the entire album! You will need some sort of .zip decoding program, and a fast connection wouldn't hurt. (~54 megs)

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